Clinical Success

Caregivers can complete all visit forms onsite using a mobile point-of-care device with an intuitive interface. The forms use field-tested clinical pathways and can be customized for your agency. Homecare Homebase:

  • Empowers field clinicians from the moment of login, accessing the Electronic Medical Record for each patient, as well as any critical alerts pertaining to the day’s visits. They can also request rescheduling as needed
  • Uses proprietary compression technology to synchronize visit data in about two minutes—less time than it takes a caregiver to drive to the next appointment
  • Operates seamlessly on Android devices for greater satisfaction among field staff
  • Ensures data is encrypted and meets all HIPAA security standards

Because everyone in a patient’s circle of care uses information updated in real time, Homecare Homebase effectively automates key agency processes, including the entire referral, intake, scheduling and billing processes. Agencies can even include cloud-based physician order approval, using digital signature technology.